1946   Born in Tourcoing France 


1960-63   Saint Luc Institute of Art in Tournai Belgium 


1969-80   Official Restorer at the Museum of Fine-Arts in Strasbourg France 


1980   Exhibition at the Blondel Gallery in Paris  


1985 and 1987   Exhibitions at FIAC with the Blondel Gallery in Paris  


1998   Exhibition at R E Welch Gallery - Palm Desert USA  


2006   Exhibition at R E Welch Gallery – Seattle USA  


2016   Exhibition at RL Fine Arts - New York USA  


2017   Exhibition at the Salon d’Automne à Paris 

Association of Friends Prize  

Ph. Van der Linden 

J.J.J. Portrait 

Hans Holbein 

Georg Giese Portrait 

Paul Delvaux - Th. Chasseriau - Ph. Van der Linden  

Antonello da Messina 

Roger Van Der Weyden 

Ph. Van der Linden 

Philippe Dutilleul and Philippe Van der Linden are one and the same artist. 

Dutilleul, the creator of landscape and still-life painting and Van der Linden, impassioned by the history of art, who undertakes to re-create, in his own way, the Old Masters from another age. 

These two signatures correspond to two ways of expression by the same ingenious artist that invite one to compare, to differentiate or to merge. 

In all events, the paintbrush, in the hands of the artist, expresses an intense jubilation. 


My work on landscapes or still-life is an unending quest for the play of light between the elements that make up the painting. I capture the vibration of the air and the quivering of nature that I mold in a rich luminous matter. 

I get immense pleasure from portraying these subtle plays on light. 

Landscapes and Still-life Painting 


I am passionate about Old Masters.  Throughout my career, I learnt the techniques of the great artists, but also their art and some of their secrets. 

This continuel passion has familiarised them to the point of allowing me, when I replicate their works, to customise them, adding a personal touch according to my own sensitivity and creativity. But, in all humility, creating exact copies of the paintings is just as satisfying as is the discovery of the infinite subtleties that these works inspire in me. 

Philippe Van Der Linden 

Philippe Dutilleul 

Philippe Dutilleul 

Re-Creations of Old Masters